Sunday, April 03, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Yes, bloggers, I'm saying goodbye. It's been a good 3 years. Life is busy, and I wish I could manage things a little better so that I could keep up with the blog. Not this mom, at least right now. If I start missing it, or all the sudden find a lot more time in my day (wishful thinking), then I'll be back. But for now, here are a few last pictures of the girls.

Here is the incredible playhouse that Jonathan's dad made for Ava and Lily. It will be a fun summer! (Thanks, Grandpop!)

Jonathan is turning Ava into his very own hockey fan - matching jersey's and all!

Hope you all are enjoying this nice spring weather.

Goodbye, blogging world!


Catherine said...

Booo!!! Guess the once-a-month blogging was just too much :). Just kidding - I totally understand. I'm just lucky I get to see them grow up in person ;)

Nita said...

Exactly what Catherine said (minus the whole getting to see them grow up in person thing - BOO!). Cate and I will miss your blog, but we love you anyway!

Andy said...

will miss you but i underdstand. sometime my post consist of one picture and usually of baby girl on her month birthday. let us know if you ever come back

Ann J. Dorgan said...

They're so cute

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