Friday, April 09, 2010

Little Hockey Fan

Ava has no choice but to become a Predators hockey fan. If anyone knows my husband, then you know that he is truly one of the biggest Predators fans around. He's a very loyal fan. Ava and Daddy had a few date nights at the hockey game last week. The first night I was out with friends, so I couldn't make it with them. I was a little worried about how she would respond with the loud crowd, but Jonathan said she LOVED it. She did get a little scared at first when the loud horn went off when the Predators would score, but she got used to it. After they got home Ava told me all about it. She told me she cheered and said, "GO PREDERS!". In one weeks time, Ava made it to three hockey games. (That also means she had a lot of late nights that week and a lot of cranky mornings. Jonathan got the good end of this deal!)
This was when she first got there - a little unsure of everything.

So I did make it to the second game, but we didn't stay quite as long due to me being very pregnant! (The chairs aren't really all that comfortable.) I enjoyed going with Ava. It was fun watching her cheer and get excited, even though she had no clue what was really going on.

Ava's friend, Riley, let her borrow a Predators jersey for one of the games. Ava was all ready to go! I couldn't make it to this game either, so I'm glad I took these two pictures before the game because Jonathan forgot to take pictures at the game. He was a little preoccupied you could say.


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