Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just a little crush

Ava has her first crush - his name: Mr. Steve.
She likes the older married men apparently. Ava sees him at church every Sunday and loves to run up to him and then she'll run away from him just as fast. She gets all flustered when he's around. (It's cute, but I'm not too sure what his wife thinks of this.) :)
Sunday they asked if they could take Ava out to lunch. I knew she would be in heaven to be with Mr. Steve & Kristen. Kristen took a few pictures of the day, so I thought I would post them. Ava was spoiled...just a little!
First stop: Wendy's
3D shades with her happy meal.
Next stop: the park
And yes, Ava is a climber if you haven't noticed.

Ava and Mr. Steve
Last stop: ice cream

On her way home about to fall asleep.
Thank you, Kristen and Steve, for taking Ava out on a date. She had so much fun! What a blessing you are to our family.

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Nita said...

How did they ever convince her to come back home? Sounds like a dream date!