Friday, January 04, 2008

Viewer Discretion is Advised
Below are some pictures that may be disturbing to our younger viewers and the weak at heart. Some people may be asking themselves, "Jonathan, there is no way that baby is yours she is too cute and awesome." And I must agree, she gets a lot from her mother but below are a few pieces of evidence that yes, this child has some Newell genes.

I submit to you exhibit A:
Upon inspection of her cranium she has clear signs of the Newell hairline, party in the back but not much doing in the front.
Please join us in a prayer vigil that she will soon develop the long locks that she needs for success in the real world.

Exhibit B:
Notice the elongated toes and feet. If you know her daddy closely you are aware of the horrors he has hiding under his shoes. On the plus side she will be a natural at barefoot water skiing. This poor girl will be subjected to unknown horrors in her teenage years.

Exhibit C:
An uncanny resemblance to a long line of Newells. Upon waking she is just as upset and groggy as "Big Daddy."

Exhibit D:
Newell's are known the world over for their impatience in the car. This comes from seemingly endless trips to Montana, Florida, etc.

Exhibit E:
And our final exhibit for the Newell likeness. Always camera shy.

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