Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ava's birthday

Finally...Ava's party. The first few pictures are of Ava's actually birthday. We made her a pancake shaped like a number 3. She loved it!
Since we had just got back from being gone for over a week, we were ready to stay home. But we told Ava she could do whatever she wanted to do. So, she chose to keep her pajamas on most of the day and wear her cowgirl hat. Along with watching Toys Story 1 and 3, and if I remember correctly, we watched one of those twice. Wow, a dream come true for her!
Then we made some brownies so she could have a little dessert that night. (Don't let Sophie look Catherine. She's eating some of the batter. ha!)

Then we let her open one gift from Lily that night. She had fun and that could have been the end of her birthday. But wait...there's more....

The next Saturday (Jan. 8) we had a little party for Ava. And I'm glad we did because the week between her actual birthday and her birthday party, she was telling me that she's not three yet because her friends haven't come over to celebrate.

I made Ava a birthday shirt with a giant cupcake on it with three candles. But, as soon as Sophie got there, she wanted to dress up like a princess and she kept it on the whole night. So, next year I may not try so hard to make a birthday shirt for her.

Sophie and Ava reading together. I'm sure that didn't last long.

Catherine and baby Micah - what a cutie!

My sweet, lovable Lily

Ava's birthday cake - a GIANT cupcake

Grandma Jan and the girls

Miss Amber and Ava

Ava opening her present from Sophie.

And here was the rest of the evening. Playing with Mr. Potato head that Ava was not willing to share, as you can see.

Ava had a great time celebrating! Now that she's three, we hear it all the time. "I'm three now, I can do it." Our little Ava is growing up and is changing so much. She's becoming very thoughtful, especially with Lily. She loves taking care of her. If Lily cries, then Ava will run and get her a toy right away. There's no need for Lily to start crawling anytime soon since we have Ava around. She is also our encourager. "You're so pretty, momma." or "It's okay, mommy. I will take care of you." I've started journaling some things she says because I never want to forget them. As any three-year-olds, we have our moments with melt downs, throwing fits, not sharing, etc. But we pray that God will use Ava to serve Him one day. And that she will shine her light in such a way that she may glorify Him. (Matt 5:16)

We thank God for bringing Ava into our lives 3 years ago. He has already used her to draw us closer to Him.